Do you need a budget?

If you have financial goals that you’re working towards, such as buying a house, paying off credit cards or saving for a holiday, then planning how to achieve these goals is essential.

The first step is to create a budget.

Budgeting is hard work, no question. It takes time to sit down and go through all your outgoings to see what can be eliminated or at the least, what you can cut down on. It can be confronting to see that you’re spending $100 a week just on coffees and lunches!

Especially if that’s not even for treat meals out and nice cocktails.

Sticking To Your Budget

However, the hardest part of budgeting is sticking to it. This is especially difficult in times of financial hardship ie when a family goes from two incomes to one when a baby comes along,

But by taking charge of your money whether you have a little or a lot, you will ease your money worries and feel more secure and in control.

Dollars and Sense

The interesting thing about budgeting is that we’ve noticed something about how spending patterns impact on wealth. Suprisingly, the clients we meet with the best savings patterns and history often don’t have particularly high incomes. And conversely, we often see very high income earners with little to no savings, making purchasing a first property more difficult.

Spenders and Savers

The difference is not the income level.

The difference between savers and spenders is the attitude to budgeting and spending. Savers know how to say yes and how to say no when it comes to spending discretionary funds. And spenders tend to spend as much as they earn, living a lifestyle that changes depending on their income level.

Neither of these attitudes is right or wrong.

It just depends on what your goals are. And, if your goals include purchasing property, or other assets, and building wealth, we’d love to help you get there.

Budgeting Service

If you’re time poor or just don’t know where to start with creating a budget for yourself, we can do it for you. And more importantly, we help you manage it and stick to it. It’s a great start to create a budget for yourself, but it’s pointless if you don’t track and monitor it.

Our comprehensive service includes a 45 minute initial consultation where we find out everything we can about your financial situation. We analyse your income, debts and expenses. We look at which bills are most urgent, which are attracting the most interest and which are lower priority.

We then take this information and create a working budget and long term financial plan for you. We can also provide a follow up service where we sit down with your three months later to help you track and monitor your budgeting.

The cost is just $195 per single or $295 per couple/family.

All you need to do to book is call 0421 208 640 or email


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