Chic, Neat Desk = Clear, Productive Mind?

Today’s Fierce on Finance blog is an ode to all things organised. This is not strictly because it’s spring time and the urge to freshen, enliven and generally order things has come upon me – being organised in your home office is one easy way to make sure you stay on-top of all those boring (yet seriously most essential) bills and paperwork. Today’s Emma Fierce on Finance blog looks at how beautifying and de-cluttering your office space can make you more productive and clear-headed and on top of all your finance . We also have a fabulous Kikki-K giveaway competition to get you in the clean study – clear mind mood!

Do you come home to your office space (or corner of the kitchen where you pop unopened letters) and shudder at the unknown bills/forms/various financial miscellanea you’re certain are lurking there, awaiting your attention? I’d like to put to you that these lurking, unordered bills are doing you harm. In a couple of ways actually – the first is the most obvious. If you’re not on top of your bills and direct debit commitments (gym membership, World Vision, mobile phone yikes!), this lack of attention is costing you money. Money in late fees, account charges, dishonor fees… and more importantly, they can cost you an approved mortgage application. But how? All these little dishonours, late fees and overdrawn fees on credit cards can be detrimental to your loan application – they could result in a default on your credit file. The amount may be insubstantial… but the effect on your credit rating can prohibit you making financial investments to better your future.

Secondly, that messy ol’ desk is taking up psychic space. Don’t think I’m going all hippy on you – what I mean to say is that physical clutter is representative of mental confusion – particularly when it comes to the essentials, such as bills. Clutter and that dreaded lurking feeling are disorientating, and prohibit you from making clear decisions. It’s mental white noise those unopened bills are causing – not to mention the extra financial commitments you might be making without remembering bills you’re due to pay that month.

Never fear though – Emma’s here with a splash of inspiration to help you de-clutter your office and get your financial affairs in order. Click here to go to my new Emma Lockwood Finance Facebook Page and tag yourself in the Kikki-K photo posted on the wall for the chance to win $50.00 of beautiful new Swedish style stationery to beautify and order your world. Awww shucks. Don’t thank me – just get your pals to like my page by ‘suggesting’ it to them. I’ll announce the winner on the official Emma Lockwood Finance page on the 26th of September.  You can also get organisation tips direct from Kikki-K in one of theirWorkshops, where you can attend in-house or they can even come to you.

While you’re about it, you could also subscribe to my blog (right hand column just here) to stay up to date with new competitions and blogs as they come. Remember – clean, ordered office – clear, ordered finances (and mind)!

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