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Emma’s Story

Emma Lockwood’s early personal experiences in the financial decision making process educated her to the importance of being able to manage her own affairs as a woman in an often hostile male environment.

Emma went through all these experiences and emotions. At the age of 23 she purchased her first property, then her second at 28. She sold both properties only a few years after acquiring them. Had she found some guidance to the benefits of holding onto property, she would probably still have them and be enjoying the passive income they would have generated. However, her accountant was unapproachable and intimidating and financial advisors were seen as untrustworthy cowboys spruiking risky investments. Emma felt out of her depth as a single woman in her 20s and certainly didn’t think that on her schoolteacher’s wages at the time, that she could afford to maintain a property portfolio.

This journey drove Emma to change her course and that of other women. She now provides a unique service to an often bland, male dominated industry.

Empowering women…

Her aim is to empower women from all walks of life to own their financial independence. She wants women to see their way clear to forge their own wealth portfolios. It is clear to Emma now that women are not only in charge of household budgets, but they are leading the way in property investment and wealth creation through the long term approach of holding onto property. Whether single, partnered or divorced, women of all ages and incomes are coming to Emma with the goal of securing their financial future with property.

When it comes to your mortgage, Emma’s skills, experience, positive and supportive approach, ensure that you are provided with the highest level of ethical and professional service. Emma saves you precious time and money in managing the entire lending process.

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